Whats Included?

50 Pages of NEW content.
7 Big Challenges designed to make you think differently about light, composition, and your work as a whole.
10 Smaller challenges to keep you engaged as you finish the workbook.

A giant kick in the butt to get you making art again.



I just finished reading through Brandi’s new creative workbook and I am so excited to start tackling the challenges and implementing some of her tips! I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut lately and this was exactly what I needed to recharge my creativity! You can really tell that Brandi cares about ensuring photographers reach their full potential. Throughout the workbook (as well as her other learning material) she’s an open book, sharing any and all knowledge that she can to help inspire you. I know that seeing these challenges through will help me become a stronger more confident photographer and I can’t wait to start!

I really love the creative workbook, it touches on ideas I’ve had but in a much more fleshed out and intentional way. It gives good prompts but also makes you sit and think about why you made the choices you did and if they stem from habit or creativity. I really loved the challenge to watch movies and go out shooting to invoke the same feelings. I also really appreciated the challenge to shoot film included a list of her favorite film to shoot and why, which scenarios it would be good for. As a film newbie that was incredibly helpful.

I would highly recommend this for anyone that has found themselves in a rut of creating the same things over and over and needs to push to break out of their norm. It’s also great for new photographers that don’t really know where to start!





Does this workbook teach me how to be a photographer?

No. I don't tell you how to BE a photographer. This workbook is designed for beginners and professionals in the photography world that need more creativity in their lives.

Is this workbook refundable if I don't like it?

No. I can't offer refunds on digital products!

I have questions about some of the challenges, can you help me?

YES ABSOLUTELY!! Please reach out to me if you have ANY questions about it!

Do I have to do the challenges in order?

Nope. You can do them in whatever order you'd like!