99 Posing Prompts

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This Posing Prompt Guide is HUGE. It features 99 posing prompts in three separate categories: Emotional and Intimate, Playful and Fun, & Movement.

I made this guide for me as much as I did for everyone else. There are sessions that I definitely blank and end up doing the same five poses over and over again, and this is allowing me to have a little boost of inspiration when I need it.

These are all prompts I’ve been using recently and in the past. I started writing all of these down months ago so I could organize them into a guide and it ended up bigger than I could have imagined.

*This is a LARGE file. If you have issues downloading please email me at brandipotterphoto@gmail.com*

3 reviews for 99 Posing Prompts

  1. Lindsey Paradiso

    Brandi’s posing guide is undoubtedly the best posing guide I have ever read through. I’ve purchased posing cards and other posing tutorials in the past, but Brandi’s is by far the easiest to digest and implement. Not only are you getting images as examples to really see how to put it into practice, but you’re given a checklist that you can take with you while on location. I can’t tell you how many times I am on a shoot and I just keep recycling the same few poses. There’s nothing that drains my creativity more! This checklist is going to help keep my brain fresh and running through different ideas!

  2. Tia

    This guide is great especially if you strive to shoot like brandi. The poses are active and get couples moving and interacting. There are so many to choose from I have just been selecting a few for each session to get myself out of my usual posing!

  3. Autumn Marshall

    Brandi’s posing guide is the perfect thing to have in your pocket at any session. You know that feeling when you just feel uninspired by a space? Well this posing guide will make any location a good one. Not only that but it gives you the right words to say to create an intimate moment with your couple.

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