Improving Your Website

July 6, 2019

Our website is one of the first things potential clients see. We should be putting our hearts and soul into building a presence online that is truly who we are (Live authentic and all of that stuff). I’ve noticed when I’ve been doing website reviews recently that people are being lazy and not putting themselves into their copy. They’re just putting enough information on it to get by and think that’s fine.

I’m not exempt from this. I just took a long look at my own website and overhauled the entire thing. I want my clients to have a positive experience every step of the way, and adding ALL the information that I could to my copy adds to that.

Having good copy isn’t the only thing we should be concerned about with our websites though. Speed, SEO, Updating photos, and a host of other things are key to keeping potential clients online long enough to make it to our contact forms.

Having Good Copy

I’ve already mentioned how important the copy on our website is. You need to provide enough information so that people actually know what you do. You can’t just throw a bunch of photos online and expect people to automatically know you’re a wedding photographer. Your front page should have a general statement about what you do + your location.

I know a lot of people want to claim to be destination wedding photographers right now (even when they aren’t traveling for work) but having a general location on your front page will help your SEO. In fact, google bots care more about text than they do photos so it’s important to have all of this information listed plainly.

If writing isn’t your forte, then you can always hire a copywriter to do it for you.


I have a friend who didn’t update the photos on his website for around a year. When I would send his name to other friends to hire him for potential shoots they always came back with, “Wow he hasn’t updated his site in awhile.” I’ve gotten onto him so much for not updating his site, and I really don’t know why people still were hiring him at that point. I know I wouldn’t hire someone who had ignored their website for a year and hadn’t shown ANY new work.

You should try to AT LEAST blog once a month. You want to show people coming to your website that you are shooting consistently and to show them that your skills are improving. Blogging also helps with SEO, which is obviously pretty freaking important.

Also, sharing new blog posts on social media and tagging your clients in the post means they’re likely to share it with their family and friends. Having your clients social group see your work means you’re tapping into a potential client base, especially if they were happy with your service.

Good Branding

I’m sure you know at least one person with that single line clipart of a camera in their logo that makes everyone cringe a little. PLEASE invest in good branding. Clients will notice if you’re using clipart or generic logos and it doesn’t match your work. You probably shouldn’t have mountains in your logo if you aren’t actually shooting in the mountains.

If you haven’t invested in branding or you’re not happy with what you currently have, buy yourself some wine and settle down for the evening. Go through your recent work and make notes about how it makes you feel, the colors you gravitate towards, and your own personality. Now, find an artist whose work you connect with and give them those notes. Be prepared to spend anywhere from $500-3000 on this, but I promise it’s worth it.

Site Speed

Something that was recently brought up in Dylan Howell’s Patreon group (seriously, he’s a genius) was site speed. I knew my site was slow and I knew that I should probably fix it, but just didn’t care enough too, until Dylan posted a link to a site speed test and my site scored horribly.

I realized that people probably weren’t going to wait around for my site to load, and I could be missing out on so many leads because of it. I also didn’t realize that site speed can and will affect your SEO, which is wildly important for someone trying to break into a new market.

I ended up switching my hosts completely after doing the site test. I’ve been using Godaddy for YEARS and realized that there were much quicker hosting options. I migrated my entire site to a new platform this week and my score is already much higher.

Other ways to improve site speed are to use programs like Jpeg mini & Narrative.If you’re interested in testing your site speed click here.

Call To Actions

If you go through my website you may notice that every single page (outside of blog posts) either have a contact form or they have a link to my contact page. I want to give every single potential client who comes to my website the opportunity to send me an email before they get bored and find someone else. It can be pretty important to give people easy access to a contact form, because from experience they won’t go searching for it. 

As always, if you have questions or need help please reach out <3