How do I install an XMP file?!

For Lightroom Looks Like Film has a great article on how to install the new format if you're unsure. You can click here if you would like to read through a step by step instruction.

Will these work in Adobe Camera Raw?

Yes, absolutely!

Whats ASE or Exposure?

Exposure is an editing program by Alien Skin. It's a great/cheap program and I finish all of my images in it.

How do I install your finishers?

With the new versions of Exposure out it's gotten a bit more complicated to install their presets. I use version X3 which means if you're using a newer update you'll have to convert my finishers.

Here is a great little write up on their website on how to install presets and links to learn how to convert them.

Am I able to get a refund?

No. Because I'm selling digital products, all sales are final.

Where is the link to download my presets?

You should be receiving an email with a download link. If you don't see it please email me at brandipotterphoto@gmail.com with your order number and the email you used!

Why don't these all look good with one click?

No preset is going to be a one click option on every photo. My presets are designed to work on most lighting situations with minimal tweaks. If you're having problems getting things how you'd like, please email me!