What Does the Tutorial Include?

17 NEW videos, ALL with sound and explanation. 

NEW Creative Workbook that will help you stretch your creative muscles, with and without double exposures! 

NEW 47 Page Rewritten Tutorial with NEW creative content! 


  • The Basics of doing them IN Camera, as well as creating those IN photoshop as well. 
  • My Special Technique for In Camera double exposures, and also creating those in photoshop! 
  • Creating Double exposures in photoshop
  • Being Creative with your doubles in photoshop


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Just fucking buy it. 10/10

Brandi killed it with this course. She writes like you’re sitting across from her as she explains the content. She lays shit out very plainly but with a lot of detail so it’s easy to follow, but there isn’t any fluff. The videos are insanely helpful for visual leaners like me. If you need a kick in your creative ass, buy this. If you don’t, still buy this. It’s worth every penny.

Brandi is honestly one of the most down to earth, genuine, and open people I’ve met in the photography world. Her work is absolutely phenomenal, but more importantly she is so encouraging + willing to share what she knows to make the rest of us explore the depths of our creativity.

In the world of wedding photography, it’s fair to say that creativity can be very low on the list for many photographers. But that’s such a disservice to our clients AND ourselves. Instead of keeping everything she knows to herself, Brandi takes time to share what’s taken her years to explore AND asks for feedback on how to make things into better learning tools.

Let me start off by saying once I came across Brandi’s work, I was HOOKED. I wanted to be able to be creative like that and expand myself more than I have. But I had zero clue where to start. So I kind of just left it on the back burner. Double exposures are those things that seem extremely cool but if you don’t know how to do them, they become frustrating. I had no idea how to make them. How to start. Where to begin. Then I came across Brandi’s tutorial + workbook and was BLOWN away. Sometimes it takes time for me to register things I’ve learned but everything clicked instantly. And the workbook helps in so many ways. Like heh I learned all this cool stuff but where should I start?? The workbook gave me a starting point and has made me push my boundaries and I’m LOVING it. I’m finally able to go further and try more things I was a little scared to but now this has pushed me to keep creating even if it doesn’t always turn out. GET. DIS. NOW.

Brandi’s double exposure course is so easy to follow along. She makes learning fun, easy, and doesn’t shame anyone if they don’t do in camera double exposures. She walks you through exactly how she created some of her most iconic images, holding nothing back. I’ve been so intimidated by double exposures before this and now I have confidence to get out there and get creative.





Is this tutorial refundable?

No. I can't offer a refund on digital products

I shoot with a Nikon, can I still use this tutorial?

Absolutely! The photoshop technique may be your best bet but you could still learn a lot and do them in camera with this!

I still need help with the tutorial and making doubles, can you help me?

Of course! I would love to help you! Please email me or reach out to me on one of my social media platforms!

Do I have to go through the tutorial all at once or can I do it little by little?

My tutorial is hosted on Gumroad so you'll be able to log back in and view it when you please.