Asheville Retreat

Asheville Retreat

May 18 - 21

This is a really special retreat.

We’ll be photographing one of my closest friends for her (and her fiances) elopement. I lived with Ami and her little girl for almost three years and I’m so excited that she gets to finally have the wedding of her dreams.


What are the retreats?

This is basically a giant slumber party where we hang out and discuss whatever you want. No topic will be off limits and no question will be considered unimportant. This is all for you to learn and grow and to have a safe space to get the information you need.

We will hang out, get to know one another to build a comfortable environment for you to learn. I want you to be able to ask me whatever you need and to have open discussions about everything that covers your business.

Option One

Your own bed in the house. There is a possibility that you'll have to share a room with someone (I don't make the rules, it's just how they lay out houses for air bnb). This option ensures that you're around for all of the events and discussions and that you'll get the most out of the experience. This is VERY limited


Option Two

If you and a friend or partner want to share a bed you'll save some money with this option. It's the exact same thing as Option One, except you get a cuddle partner. This is also VERY limited.


Option Three

You'll have to find your own accommodations if you decide on Option Three, but you'll still be welcome at the house until it's bed time. You may miss some of the discussion, but you'll still be able to be part of most of the experience.





Is my ticket refundable if I can't come?

No, but you're free to sell it to someone else! If you decide you can't make it please let me know ASAP.

Will food be provided?

YES! I cook meals and there will be snacks and food available for things like lunch. If we go out to dinner, you will be responsible for that food.

Can my kid/pet/partner come?

I'm going to ask you to leave your kids and pets at home. They would be an unneeded distraction! If your partner wants to come you are welcome to purchase an option two ticket.